Moveable pallet based store displays!

A main element  that separates Pro-Builders from  other companies is we are owner operated. We are personally hiring the most skilled people we can find and then working with them. We can verify the work completed.

When building these displays, we used a router on all the edges and also ran a sander on them. This not only adds a finished look, it adds an element of safety. All this only added on about 15 minutes because we have all the proper tools

We finished them off with a crisp, even paint job that only a sprayer can provide. Roll with the Pros!


Hot weather, no problem!

We had to build over 200 Bikes as this store today. With that type of quantity, room is needed so being out in garden center is a great option. It hit over 100 degrees, but that didn’t stop us from getting them all perfectly adjusted


Grand reopening!

We built some custom displays for garden center at this store to prepare for their grand reopening tomorrow. As always our painted stencil sparks have crisp edges and set everything off nicely!

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