About Pro-Builders

Pro-Builders was created by two pro bmx freestyle bike riders who saw a demand for more detailed assembly services. Together, we total over 40 years experience in the BMX industry. We specialize in the complete, thorough and professional assembly of bicycles, grills, furniture, displays and more. We offer an extremely professional building experience. Uniform dress and professional tools are present with all Pro-Builders.


Each piece of merchandise will be clearly labeled with the individual Pro-Builders identification. Pride in each piece assembled is what we are about. We realize it is pointless to provide large numbers if there are issues with the build quality. Get ready for an experience not yet  realized in this industry.  Don’t just have your merchandise assembled, have it Pro-Built! Spawned from our passion for bikes! Not another unscrupulous national assembly company!

You can contact us by phone: 480-688-8373

Or by email: info@pro-builders.co



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