This is what we are up to!

Its hard to see all the details. Some bikes we come across suffer from this problem. From the factory, the pedal boss in the crank arm comes blank, unthreaded to accept a pedal. This bike is then sent to claims.  Unless Pro-Builders is building your bikes! We carry tap kits with us that allow us to thread the pedal boss, just like the factory should have done! There are a lot more things to consider when choosing an assembly company than just ‘price per bike’!







New custom metal doors to match the metal wall in garden!

The wooden garden walls that separate areas in garden center are being left up for longer times. We have been replacing the plywood with corrugated metal sheets that stay looking fresh.

This store wanted custom metal doors to match the metal wall. So we got the raw metal, brought out our Miller welder and went to work! Finished it off with crisp company colors and painted spark logos!

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Back at it!

After the most bike heavy Christmas season we’ve ever seen, we are finally getting back into some projects. Usually we are taking garden walls down at this time of year , but due to a remodel, this store required a brand new wall. All fitting tight, wide door constructed on the one end and painted white with graphics to come!