We build them just like we ride them!

Here is a pic of one of our builds today. Unfortunately there are no 3rd party organizations that certify assembly companies. If you ever hear an assembly company is ‘certified’, that raises a big red flag! They are trying to look credible. It sounds better to claim certification than to state the truth….. ‘we are in a different state than yours, but we hired these guys sight unseen off of Craigslist that said they could build bikes and we are calling them certified ‘




Custom built cabinet!

Other assembly companies struggle to do the status quo of opening boxes and assembling merchandise. This is why assembly comes so easy for us, because this is where our true competency lies! The managers of this store required a total custom shaped/sized shelf/cabinet piece. We went to Home Depot, got all the raw materials, built it to spec and then finished it off with a paint job that matched their office! Would you trust the assembly company in your store to handle a task like this?  We take assembly seriously ! Roll with the Pros!


Pro-produce display!

Today we made this functional produce display. The managers wanted to be able to access the area behind the display front. So we had to design it with a hinge style system.  This display can also be removed with no evidence it was there. Even though it is securely fastened to the produce tables. Roll with the Pros!






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